Standalone Li-Ion charger holds dual synchronous buck converter -

Standalone Li-Ion charger holds dual synchronous buck converter

Linear Technology's LTC3552-1 is an efficient, compact power-management solution for handheld applications. The device includes a standalone Li-Ion battery charger and a high-efficiency dual synchronous buck regulator, all housed in a low-profile 3- by 5-mm DFN package. The linear battery charger can deliver up to 950 mA from a wall adapter supply, or up to 500 mA from a USB supply. Standalone operation simplifies design, eliminating the need for an external microprocessor for charge termination. The final float voltage accuracy is ±1%.

The LTC3552-1's battery charger is equipped with a patented thermal regulation scheme which maximizes the charging rate without the risk of overheating. To preserve battery energy, it draws less than 2.5 μA from the battery terminal in standby and less than 1 μA in shutdown mode. The IC's two integrated synchronous buck regulators deliver up to 800 mA continuous output current at 1.8 V, and up to 400 mA at 1.575 V.

Pricing starts at $2.30 each for 1000-piece quantities. More information is available at

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