Standing by a lamp-post - wirelessly networking -

Standing by a lamp-post – wirelessly networking

LONDON —  Last Mile Communications, which has developed wireless transceivers in lamp-posts for high-speed mobile broadband, has established a strategic partnership with QinetiQ who will commercialise the W-Direct technology and co-ordinate its large-scale production.

The technology bypasses traditional telecom networks (switches and roadside cabinets) and provides the foundation for a new business model for broadband data communications, with less civil engineering.  WDirect provides wireless data with a bandwidth of 40 to 400Mb/sec and substantial caches of memory in the transceiver posts mean that high speed broadband content can still be accessed, even in a moving car. It uses low power transmission, said to be one thousandth of that of a mobile phone, without compromise on the 250metre range between user device and wireless transceiver

The WDirect solution is complemented by MagicBook software also developed by Last Mile Communications.  Via a user-defined menu, MagicBook downloads ('harvests') user-specified information and content (such as email, news, permission-based commercial information and video clips) using an always-on, location-specific model.  Base level data, such as maps and public safety information, will be delivered free to the user, together with bespoke commercial content paid for by suppliers.

Last Mile Communications says it holds key patents that are required for a global, microwave beacon, roadside based telematics system.

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