Startup offers ARM quad-core A9 hypervisor -

Startup offers ARM quad-core A9 hypervisor


LONDON — B Labs Ltd. is a startup company developing embedded virtualization solutions. B Labs consists of a team of software engineers specializing in embedded kernel design, open-source software and the ARM architecture.

The company's first product, the Codezero microkernel embedded hypervisor provides a method for bundling and migrating legacy applications to multicored processors and providing secure isolation and co-existence of so-called bare-metal, RTOS and Linux applications on the same hardware platform, the company said. Codezero primarily supports ARM microprocessors and recently has added the quad core Cortex-A9 to its portfolio.

Bare-metal refers to applications which do not require the mediation of an operating system but run directly on hardware. The Codezero hypervisor primarily focuses on three main features: Linux kernel virtualization, secure platform resource partitioning and multicore processor utilization.

The applications that can benefit from the use of Codezero include: communicatiosn platforms including mobile and cellular terminals, mobile multimedia devices, set-top box, and general multicore system-on-chip embedded platforms, the company said.

B Lab is a sponsor of the Multicore Expo coming up at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley in San Jose, Calif. April 26 to 29 and has just released version 0.3 of Codezero.

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