Statemate 3.2 eases team collaboration -

Statemate 3.2 eases team collaboration


Embedded World — N¼rnberg Germany – I-Logix has added support for large team collaboration to Statemate, its systems engineering solution. Version 3.2 supports large-scale collaboration via a new configuration management interface, and the automatic generation of hyperlinked documents using a new Statemate Documenter template.

Hyperlinking allows users to generate documents directly from a model while linking all model elements together. This eases navigation of the design documentation, which is useful when communicating with groups not directly familiar with the model itself. These documents can be “published” on the web, allowing teams in many different locations to collaborate.

Performance enhancements include optimization of the data-dictionary database access and simulation engines to improve read/write access times and overall performance respectively. In addition, the time it takes to produce documentation, debug models and mini-specs, edit Truth Tables and change element types in the data dictionary has been reduced.

Statemate 3.2 expands upon systems engineering with process coverage through a new DOORS interface, automatic generation of Sequence Diagrams, and the addition of Switch and Case constructs.

The DOORS interface module has been redesigned to follow a standard Windows look and feel. It provides flexibility for what information will be linked with DOORS requirements and provides automatic links between Statemate model elements. This will reduce the time it takes to link and manage DOORS requirements with Statemate model elements.

As the next step in the integration of Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams within Statemate, a Sequence Diagram will be generated during simulation, capturing the scenario that was executed.

The Statemate action language has been extended to include both the Switch and the Case constructs which provide users with more options to define the logic of the system.

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