Status report: Achronix 6 billion transistor FPGA delayed -

Status report: Achronix 6 billion transistor FPGA delayed

PARIS – Achronix’s new 6 billion-transistor device, the first FPGA to be built on a 22-nm manufacturing process at Intel Corp. and promised to start sampling this quarter, won’t arrive in the market until the first quarter of 2013.

The HD 1000, the first in the Achronix family of FPGAs designated Speedster 22i HD, was supposed to reach the market before the end of this year. Achronix Chairman John Lofton Holt said the delay stemmed from “our design issues.” He called the delay “disappointing.”

The Speedster22i HD family are SRAM-based, fully-reconfigurable FPGAs offering a familiar fabric architecture consisting of synchronous look-up tables, flops, muxes, carry chains, memories and multipliers, according to Achronix. Integrated with a variety of high-speed data communications interfaces, the Speedster22i FPGAs are designed to work in networking and telecommunications equipment.

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