Stereo/2.1-channel class-D amplifier reference design reduces form factor -

Stereo/2.1-channel class-D amplifier reference design reduces form factor


With the introduction of the CS44130 amplifier power stage IC, Cirrus Logic has completed its first reference design for stereo and 2.1-channel Class D digital amplifier applications. Eliminating many of the risks and uncertainties of designing Class D based audio products, this reference design gives consumer electronics makers a complete single-source solution that meets or exceeds industry benchmarks for audio quality.

Central to the Class D reference design is the CS44600 digital amplifier controller and the CS44130 power stage IC. Because it eliminates the need for a bulky heat sink, the reference design is suited for consumer electronic products that demand high quality stereo or 2.1-channel audio within small form factors.

The CS44130 delivers up to 60 W of power and is thermally and electrically self-protected, making it easy to design digital amplifiers that occupy less than 2 in.2 of board space.

Cirrus' PopGuard technology suppresses pop noise during system start-up, while eliminating one large dc blocking capacitor per channel. Its complementary power stage design further reduces electromagnetic interference, a key factor in providing very high audio quality.

The CS44130's input logic accepts 3.3- or 5-V control signals, enabling it to also work with system processors that have integrated PWM modulators in Digital TV and other home theater applications.

The CS44600 digital controller IC incorporates patented power-supply rejection feedback technology, which enables single-ended outputs and compensates for power-supply noise that can affect sound quality. Its integrated sample-rate converter minimizes the effects of clock jitter, enabling high-quality sound and dynamic range of greater than 100 dB.

The CS44130 comes in a 48-pin QFN package and is in sample production. In 10,000-unit quantities, the CS44130 starts at $2.78. More information is available at

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