STM32 Digital-Power Microcontrollers boost design for 'cleaner cloud' -

STM32 Digital-Power Microcontrollers boost design for ‘cleaner cloud’

Integrating features already proven in STM32 F3 devices used for digital motor drives and solar-inverters, the new STM32F334 Digital Power line from STMicroelectronics adds innovations such as the high-resolution timer. With built-in high-speed peripherals featuring versatile interconnects, multiple timer outputs, powerful CPU and communication peripherals, these devices greatly simplify digital control of complex power-supply topologies used in data servers and telecom infrastructure, as well as in wireless charging points, lighting, welding, and industrial power supplies.

The new STM32F334 Digital Power line is an extension of ST’s STM32 family. The full pin and SW compatibility with the entry-level STM32F301 devices (with the 7ns PWM resolution) provides the advantage of a single development platform. A proven development ecosystem supports the STM32F334 Digital Power line, assisting the design of high-performance digital power units.

The STM32F334 microcontrollers feature a 72MHz ARM Cortex-M4 core with DSP and floating-point unit (FPU). The on-board Core-Coupled Memory (CCM-SRAM) provides a “routine boost” (90DMIPS equivalent to >100MHz CPU frequency), which accelerates the execution of control loop or any critical routine.

The STM32F334’s peripheral set optimized for digital power control includes:

  • Two ultra-fast 5Msps (0.2µs) 12-bit ADCs with sampling time down to 21ns for simultaneous voltage and current measurements
  • Three ultra-fast comparators with 25ns response time from analog input to PWM output, which helps ensure safe power-supply operation
  • Three DACs (Digital Analog Converter) and one operational amplifier with built-in gains
  • CAN, I²C (PMBus/SMBus)

In addition, the microcontrollers have flexible input and output circuitry that allows connection to any kind of driver or logic at the output and can accept internal or external fault signals on either analog or digital inputs.

STM32F334 Digital-Power microcontrollers are in production now and available in LQFP64, LQFP48 or LQFP32 packages, priced from $1.54 for orders of 10,000 units.

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