STMicro ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit - with USB connection to the PC -

STMicro ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit – with USB connection to the PC


SofTec Microsystems unveiled a Starter Kit for the STMicroelectronics ST7FLITE2 device. The PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit takes advantage of the STMicroelectronics Visual Debug Integrated Development Environment (STVD7, which groups an Editor, Assembler and Debugger), and the ST7FLITE2 built-in debug features, which allow the download and debug of the user application into the microcontroller's FLASH memory.

The Starter Kit also includes the evaluation versions of the Metrowerks and Cosmic C compilers for ST7, which seamlessly integrate with STVD7. Together with STVD7, PK-ST7FLITE2 provides everything needed to write, compile, download, in-circuit emulate and debug user code. Full-speed program execution allows to perform hardware and software testing in real time.

The starter kit is connected to the host PC through a USB port. A prototyping area allows to wire the user's own small application. The Starter Kit offers the following benefits: Real-time code execution; In-circuit debugging; Demo area with push-buttons, potentiometer and user LEDs; Prototyping area; USB connection to the PC.

The kit includes an evaluation board, USB cable, SofTec Microsystems CD (containing microcontroller-specific datasheets), printed user's manual and a “Quickstart Tutorial” poster.

Softec Microsystems , 33082 Azzano Demico, Italy.

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