STmicro steps up to high volume with MEMS tracking tag -

STmicro steps up to high volume with MEMS tracking tag

Bluechiip Limited and STMicroelectronics have made the transition to high-volume production for their jointly developed MEMS-based tracking tags in order to meet a demand for at least 1 million devices per year.

According to Dr Jason Chaffey, Managing Director and CEO of Bluechiip . the tag is an ultra-high-integrity, all-mechanical tracking chip that, unlike an electronic tag, is impervious to extreme high and low temperatures, gamma radiation, moisture, and other harsh conditions that would compromise traditional identification or tracking solutions such as labels, barcodes, or RFID technologies.

This new chip uses MEMS resonator technology and contains no electronics whatsoever. Each chip is individually preprogrammed during manufacture with a unique identification, a process that makes it tamper proof, as well.

Anton Hofmeister, General Manager of ST’s Fluidic MEMS Division, said the Bluechiip tag has been successfully adopted by companies in Australia, China, Italy, and the USA, mainly in applications of biobanking and other biomedical related fields such as pathology, clinical trials, and bio-repositories.

Bluechiip has also built up a global distribution network covering 10 countries and all major biomedical and healthcare centers around the world to effectively address the market.

Hofmeister said the biomedical application of the Bluechiip tag is a strategic move by ST to target the use of Motion MEMS technology into the next high-growth area. ST has pioneered and led the application of MEMS in mobile devices, gaming, automotive, navigation, healthcare, wellness, and the coming wave of wearables.

He said the new tracking market addressed by the Bluechiip tag demonstrates the pervasiveness of MEMS technology and its adaptability into new innovative solutions.

Although the Bluechiip tracking technology was initially developed for applications in the healthcare and biomedical industries, Chaffey thinks its extreme robustness, ability to track temperature, and resistance to tampering is ideally suited for other high-value applications in food, vaccines, security, defense, aerospace, and aviation.

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