STMicroelectronics introduces universal lighting controller -

STMicroelectronics introduces universal lighting controller

The STLUX385 combines a STM8 microprocessor core and a set of peripherals aimed at simplifying the design of the lighting power supply and digital control of the lights. The STLUX385 integrates six specially-designed peripherals called SMED (State Machine, Event-Driven) circuits that interact with each other and with external signals via a programmable switching matrix to control the power delivered to the lighting elements.

The SMEDs can process external commands to turn the lights on/off or set the dimming level, diagnostic signals such as open- or short-circuit detected, or inputs from sensors in applications where the lighting is designed to adapt to ambient conditions. For example, this capability enables the design of intelligent LED street lamps that increase their brightness gradually as daylight fades and then automatically reduce their brightness as the sun rises instead of having only a full brightness or off-setting at predetermined times.

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The STLUX385 also integrates a hardware DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) peripheral. Digitally controlled lighting is the key to energy saving in building and outdoor lighting installations and the DALI protocol is now in international use across the lighting industry. The STLUX385 is compatible with wired or wireless communications, simplifying the installation in large indoor and outdoor areas and reducing maintenance costs.

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