STMicroelectronics Virtual Conference :: Challenges in High-Performance Embedded Designs -

STMicroelectronics Virtual Conference :: Challenges in High-Performance Embedded Designs


STMicroelectronics Virtual Conference:
Robust Ecosystem = Embedded Success

Presented by EE Times
From Microcontrollers to Ecosystems

Thursday, December 2, 2010
11:00am – 6:00pm ET

Challenges in High-Performance Embedded Designs

Embedded applications are increasingly requiring higher performance MCUs to support the emergence of multimedia, high-speed connectivity and faster data-processing in embedded applications. This brings new challenges with multiple tasks required to be executed in parallel. This session will look at some high-performance embedded application examples and examine potential system bottlenecks. Our team will look at methods for estimating real-world performance and examine how MCU core performance, memory organization, and innovative MCU architectures can all dramatically affect application performance.

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  • Alec Bath, Applications Engineer, STMicroelectronics
  • Markus Mayr, Product Marketing Engineer, STMicroelectronics

About the Presenters:
Alec Bath provides hardware, software and 3rd-party middleware integration support for ST's ARM-based microcontroller products in the central US region. He works with customers, bringing up their STM32 designs, training distributor FAE's or giving hands-on product seminars. In a past life, he developed MCU-based hardware and software for analog cellphones and automotive body controllers, including a 1st-generation hybrid concept car design. He received his electrical engineering degree from Bradley University in 1992, and when not espousing the glory of the Cortex-M3 core, he can be found running marathons and ultra's throughout the country.

Markus Mayr is STMicoelectronics' Product Marketing Engineer and has held various positions in the Semiconductor Industry in Application, Marketing and Business Development in Europe and the Americas. Markus holds a BSEE from Furtwangen University, Germany.

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