Strategy sees cores provide base for customisation -

Strategy sees cores provide base for customisation


Littlehampton, UK — An 'intellectual property core' type approach to high voltage power supply design is set to cut design time as well as adding versatility. HiTek Power has developed a 'core engine' strategy to speed the development semi-custom supplies and reducing engineering charges.

High-voltage power supplies different from low-voltage units in that as well as providing voltage/current conversion, they normally control the product that they supply, such as a laser or X-ray source. This increases the custom requirements for each application.

HiTek Power has supplied power supplies to the X-ray market for many years and has been working with ion implanter manufacturers since the technology was introduced over 20 years ago.

It is using its experience and technology in these markets and others to develop semi-custom solutions that match the requirements of customers. The resulting power supplies are not modular, but they are made up of mixtures of technologies that can be used in various ways to meet the needs of specific applications.

Paul Revell, HiTek Power's sales and marketing director, explained, “We have worked closely with customers in our target markets to understand how changes in power supply characteristics can improve the functionality and performance of their end products. This could be a matter of size, output ripple or many other performance factors, and this is where we focus our development.”

“The circuit elements we develop for one application can then be re-used for other similar ones, allowing us to respond to many new customer requirements in weeks instead of months,” said Revell.

One of the first families to be produced as a result of the 'core engines' strategy is the MH60 range of X-ray generator modules. Designed primarily for analytical X-ray systems, the new modules offer high stability, low ripple and a safety interlock. HiTek Power is currently developing semi-custom versions with filament and beam current control options. The company is introducing the HiGen brand for this family of products.

In the X-ray market has gained detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the popular X-ray tubes and the power thresholds that manufacturers are choosing to use. It is also working with the latest micro-focus X-ray devices, which produce high-intensity X-rays but from relatively low-power sources. These devices can offer considerably higher throughputs in applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection.

HiTek Power has manufacturing and sales operations in the US, the UK and Germany, and affiliates in China and Taiwan. It was established in 2000 by the merging of Advance Hivolt and Advance Tektris. It employs about 160 people and has a high voltage design team of 28 in West Sussex and employs a full time compliance engineer who is responsible for getting the company's products through procedures as well as helping OEMs get compliance for their systems.

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