Stretch extends its S6000 software configurable processor family -

Stretch extends its S6000 software configurable processor family

Sunnyvale, Ca. – Stretch Inc. has just added a new member to itsS6000 family of software configurable processors, the S6106.

Available now, the new software configurable processor features lowoperating power and a 17mm X 17mm package, allowing it to be used inspace and power constrained applications. Featured in Stretch's newS6106 IP Camera Reference Design Kit, the S6106 is capable ofmulti-stream H.264 encoding and embedded video analytics.

At the heart of the S6106 is the same S6 SCP Engine used in allS6000 family devices. This engine uses Stretch's second generationInstruction Set Extension Fabric (ISEF), an FPGA-like programmablefabric. It also features two high speed data ports, a gigabit Ethernetport, and an array of low speed interfaces. It is capable of encodingtwo H.264 streams at 30fps. Alternatively, it can perform videoanalytics and H.264 encoding for a single standard definition stream.

The S6106 IP Camera Reference Design Kit (RDK) comes in a 32mm x177mm form factor. It employs Pixim's latest generation image sensormodule. The S6106 IP Camera uses the Stretch Intelligent Encoderdelivering video analytics, Constant Quality encoding, and dynamiccontrol of the encoded bit stream to minimize network bandwidth.

The S6106 IP Camera Reference Design Kit is available immediatelywith pricing starting at $1,495 for the evaluation kit (ordering code:HW-EVK-S6106CAM1). It is also available as a complete reference designkit including hardware design files and a distribution license for theStretch Intelligent Encoder (ordering code: HW-RDK-S6106CAM1). 

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