Strut your "stuff" at the DIY/Maker Meet-up at ESC Boston 2016 -

Strut your “stuff” at the DIY/Maker Meet-up at ESC Boston 2016

I've said it before, and I'll say it again… one really good reason for attending events like the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) — say the forthcoming ESC Boston, April 13-14 2016, for example — is that we all get to rub shoulders with our peers.

In addition to all of the nitty-gritty techno-weenie technical content sessions, we're also going to have four “meet-ups” — sort of “Birds of a Feather” type things — in which a bunch of like-minded folks gather to share tales of dubious deeds of derring-do and to network furiously with each other. In the case of ESC Boston, we will be having four such meet-ups as follows:

These meet-ups were tremendously successful at ESC Minneapolis in 2015. One slight issue in the case of the DIY/Maker Meet-up, however, was the problems involved in transporting one's creations to the show. In my case, I brought my Capriciously Cunning Chronograph (as shown below), and it has to be said that hand-carrying this little beauty from Alabama to Boston turned out to be a pain in the nether regions.

(Source: Max Maxfield /

Yes, of course a flew there — I didn’t mean to imply that I walked — but I still had to lug the padded box cradling “my precious” around multiple airports, and I had to plead piteously (not to say embarrassingly) to be allowed to carry it on board and stow in in the stewardesses' secret storage lockers.

In the case of ESC Boston, I would love to bring both my Nixie Tube Clock and my Caveman Diorama (we just lit the tunnel this past weekend as shown below). In order to do this, however, I would have to rent a truck and drive the little scamps to Boston.

(Source: Max Maxfield /

I'm sure everyone else is in the same position. Happily, there is a solution — we've arranged to have a projector available at the meet-up. The idea is that anyone who wants to can bring a USB memory stick containing photos or PowerPoint slides of their projects.

When everyone arrives, while we're all milling around getting coffee and Suzanne is hosting furiously, I'll have my notepad computer plugged into the projector. We'll load any photos and slides onto my computer, and later on we'll have the chance to display these images and talk about our projects.

I'll bring a few images to get the ball rolling, but this isn’t all about me (it should be, but it isn't), so can I count on you to bring a few images of your own?

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