ST's automotive accelerometer makes the call in an emergency -

ST’s automotive accelerometer makes the call in an emergency

The AIS3624DQ from STMicroelectronics is a 3-axis accelerometer with digital output, and according to ST is the first to provide a full-scale range of +/-24g (acceleration of gravity) while meeting the automotive industry’s AEC-Q100 reliability stress tests.

The major parameters in estimating the severity of a collision include the decelerations that occurred in all three dimensions at the moment of impact; for instance, the ERA Glonass specification for the Russian market requires that longitudinal accelerations up to +/-24g must be measurable with sufficient accuracy.  The AIS3624DQ brings all the benefits of ST’s stacked-chip technology to the automotive market.

STMicroelectronics solution is based on its 8” manufacturing of MEMS products and offers a more competitive solution than the others who produce on 6”.

Key features

  • Selectable full-scale range: 6g / 12g / 24g
  • 16-bit data output
  • Two digital output lines (interrupt generators)
  • 9 user-selectable Output Data Rates (ODR)
  • Power down, low power and normal power modes
  •  SPI and I2C digital output protocols
  • Embedded self-test
  • Up to 10,000g shock survivability
  • Temperature range: -40°C … +105°

Housed in a QFN 24L (4x4x1.8 mm3) package, the AIS3624DQ is currently available as engineering samples. Volume production is scheduled for Q4 2014.

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