Students win aid for education -

Students win aid for education


LONDON — Details have been released of the winners of the twelve Live EDGE Electronic Design for the Global Environment scholarships who will each receive $2,500 to further their education in electrical and electronics engineering.

The scholarships were launched in July by distributor Premier Farnell plc (Leeds, England).

The funds to support this scholarship were made possible from the Live EDGE challenge, part of Premier Farnell’s commitment to making a difference to the future of electronic design engineering and encouraging students to study electronic engineering with a view of benefiting the world in which we live. The winning scholarship entries are posted on element14 within the Live EDGE Group at:

The winners of the scholarships, which are subject to verification of their student status, are:

Andrew Nelless Woking, UK

Armin Azel Brugger – Purkersdorf, Austria

Hector Castaneda – London, UK,

Uthishtan Ranjan – Loughton, UK

Jeffery Ranew – Guyton, Georgia

Meng AI – Los Angeles, California

Rudi Skaf – Lansdale, Philadelphia

Shaun Lee – Vancouver, British Colombia

Aashiv Vij – Amritsar, India

Abde Ali Kagalwalla – Bhopa, India

Tian Li – Beijing, China

Yin Quan Teo – Singapore

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