Sunrich rolls out PCIe SATA II RAID card -

Sunrich rolls out PCIe SATA II RAID card

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Sunrich Technology is offering a PCI Express dual channel SATA II controller card that serves as a cost-effective product for customers who need a high performance SATA II connection with RAID.

The controller card supports 48-bit LBA for drives with capacity larger than 137-GB and works with most large-capacity SATA/SATA II hard disk drives. The card supports SATA-II NCQ (Native Command Queuing) for optimized system performance.

Features include built-in RAID functionality; internal and external SATA connectors that provide flexible connectivity; easy installation with plug-n-play; a high data transfer rate of 300-Mbytes/s; and Window Vista support.

The PCIe SATA II RAID card is available in volume quantities.

Sunrich Technology,

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