Sunrise purchase makes Gleichman European number one for NEC -

Sunrise purchase makes Gleichman European number one for NEC


LONDON — Gleichmann & Co.Electronics GmbH has acquired U.K. distributor, Sunrise Electronics Ltd. which specializes in supplying NEC products.

Sunrise Electronics Ltd. (Cosgrove, England) started trading in September 1992 and claims to have made more than 120 design-wins in the last year with sales of over €250million in its first 13 years of operation. In the financial year to March 31, 2006 Sunrise made an operating profit of £88,513 on sales of £10,209,552. Profit after taxation and other deductions were £49,612.

Sunrise share of NEC’s U.K. distribution network sales have been between 60 and 70 percent for the last ten years and have been the top performing channel in Europe since 1995.

Gleichmann Electronics gained the NEC line in the U.K. in 2002 and claims to be the second largest NEC distributor for this geography.

“The acquisition of Sunrise Electronics Ltd. by the parent company Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH also makes us NEC Electronics’ Number 1 Europe-wide distributor,” said Thomas Klein, managing director of Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH (Frankenthal, Germany)

Ian Davidson, currently managing director of Sunrise Electronics Ltd., will continue his role and also manage business operations of the future Gleichmann-Sunrise Ltd. He will be supported by Mark Devenport, currently office manager of Gleichmann Electronics U.K. Ltd. (Milton Keynes, England) and Dave Chappell, marketing and sales director of Sunrise Electronics Ltd. who will share responsibility for sales and marketing.

Gleichmann-Sunrise Ltd. will establish its headquarters at the Sunrise facility in Cosgrove, which is 3km from the Gleichmann Electronics U.K. Ltd. facility which will be closed in the next few months. “This action is purely for organizational reasons,” said Klein. “We did not acquire Sunrise Electronics to save personnel. Quite the opposite, our goal is a further rapid expansion. This takes into account customer satisfaction, for which we need an adequate number of both motivated and highly qualified personnel.”

The acquisition will provide Sunrise customers with a number of additional technical and logistics services. In Germany Gleichmann has a programming center which handles up to two million devices per month from standard memory components through 32-bit microcontrollers to antifuse FPGAs. It also operates two ASIC design centers.

Sunrise Electronics was a subsidiary of Addtron Ltd which is controlled by Nick Adams with a minority holding by 3i. Adams set up the distributor and Addtron is also the parent company of Blue Micro (Northampton, England) which was set up in 1993 and is the IBM Microelectronics exclusive representative for the U.K., Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, & Finland. When IBM sold it's embedded PowerPC processor business line to AMCC and Blue Micro was contracted to continue the work it had been doing for IBM on behalf of AMCC.

Addtron also owns Vanguard Microelectronics Ltd (VML) which was formed in 1996 to act as the exclusive European sales and marketing representatives for Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp's (Taiwan) DRAMs and in 2004, when VIS moved out of the DRAM business to focus on foundry services VML signed a contract to represent Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC), another of Taiwan's major DRAM manufacturers.

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