Super-H cores added to VCX -

Super-H cores added to VCX


Multimedia RISC CPU cores supplier, SuperH, has licensed VCX TransactionWare software from the Virtual Component Exchange (VCX) and is listing its semiconductor IP cores on the VCX TradeFloor.

The SuperH family includes the 32-bit SH-4 and 64-bit SH-5 which are designed for applications that require a single CPU core executing a mix of general purpose code and DSP algorithms and running a range of operating systems and middleware.

The cores are suitable for products such as set top boxes, residential gateways, car information systems, modems, digital cameras and multimedia players.

The cores are already available to 900 registered VCX users through the VCX Gateway and the TransactionWare license also enables SuperH to use VCX TradeFloor tools for lead-handling and for providing controlled online access to more confidential data to other TradeFloor users.

Rick Chapman, VP of Sales and Marketing at SuperH, said, “The VCX exchange is an example of how we believe IP should be marketed and provides us with another sales channel in addition to the traditional direct salesroute.”

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