superAND Flash Memory Driver Software Gains Symbian OS Compliance -

superAND Flash Memory Driver Software Gains Symbian OS Compliance

Renesas Technology Corp. announced that the driversoftware for Renesas Technology's superAND flash memory will be included with Symbian OS(TM) deliveries to Symbian OS licensees.

Through the Symbian Companion Technology Program, Renesas Technology will provide handset manufacturers producing smartphones based on Symbian OS an easy and low risk mechanism to evaluate superAND flash memory to their phones. Symbian OS is licensed to the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers.

The Symbian Companion Technology Program is designed to stimulate and promote innovation by offering Symbian OS licensees, who include Fujitsu, Motorola, Nokia, Sharp and Sony Ericsson, a choice of a wide range of pre-integrated and pre-validated technologies to reduce handset time-to-market and commercial risk. The partners offering companion technologies license their software directly to handset manufacturers should the licensees decide to integrate it with their products.

Driver software usually requires significant investment of time and development resources by a mobile phone manufacturer in order to check its OS compatibility. In some circumstances it can delay the time-to-market of a product. Even though most semiconductor manufacturers now provide such driver software, it is still difficult to gain certified OS compliance, and in most cases driver implementations need further work before they are suitable for release in a product.

Renesas Technology's superAND flash memory is a leading device in the industry to built-in the error correction feature, the wear leveling feature and the sector management function, so generally the superAND flash memory reduces a system design load. Also, by the adoption of the AG-AND multi level cell technology it realizes high-speed programming and small chip size in same time.

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