Superbright LEDs in from the US -

Superbright LEDs in from the US


Manningtree, UK — Special Application Product (SAP) has been appointed by Spectrum Illumination, the US industrial lighting specialist, to launch a range of superbright LED lighting products in the UK and mainland Europe. The devices can replace many of the jobs previously carried out with fluorescent and fibre optic lamps.

Designed specifically for applications in the machine vision industry, the Spectrum Illumination product range includes standard LED spot, ring, linear and backlights plus a range of LED Monster lights.

Monster lights are built from anodised aluminium, industrial strength Delrin and heavy-duty acrylic ensuring high performance and long life in the toughest of industrial environments. They degrade only 20% after 50,000 hours and have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours compared to fluorescent light life of only 6,000 hours.

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