SuperH CPU supports Gigabit Ethernet applications -

SuperH CPU supports Gigabit Ethernet applications


Gigabit connectivity for digital network products is achievable thanks to Renesas Technology's latest 32-bit SuperH microprocessor. The SH7763 microprocessor suits business products such as IT terminals, VoIP end-points, surveillance cameras, networking infrastructure equipment, and digital home appliances including media receivers, home servers, and PC peripherals.

The microprocessor incorporates an SH-4A dual-issue superscalar RISC CPU core with a built-in floating point unit. The 7-stage pipeline in the RISC core and the 10-stage pipeline in the FPU enable greater parallelism in instruction execution. The internal SuperHyway bus allows simultaneous transfers of data between memory and peripherals at high speeds. These architectural enhancements benefit multimedia and data-intensive applications, such as graphics and video. The instruction set from the new SH-4A core is fully upward compatible with the SH-4 architecture, allowing engineers to utilize existing programs and helps reduce system development time.

The on-chip two-channel Gigabit Ethernet controller supports the IEEE802.3 compliant RMII (Reduced Media Independent Interface) interface specification, so it can be used simultaneously with the on-chip 32-bit-wide PCI bus controller that supports the PCI Rev.2.2 standard. The SH7763's PCI bus interface allows seamless communication with IEEE802.11a/g/b compatible wireless LAN chips.

Various development-environment tools are available. Housed in a 449-pin (21- by 21-mm) BGA, the 266-MHz version sells for $30. More information is available at

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