SuperH MCUs cuts costs for audio systems -

SuperH MCUs cuts costs for audio systems

The SH726A and SH726B devices have been added to the Renesas Electronics SH7260 family of MCUs with large-capacity on-chip SRAM.

The MCUs match previous generations with large internal SRAM, support for serial flash memory and code fetching from quad serial memories. They also provide a proven Media SDK that dramatically improves time to market when implementing audio codecs (MP3, AAC, and WMA) and includes a production ready media player, FAT file system and Bluetooth profiles.

The SH726A and SH726B MCUs are equipped with a new bus controller that enables the connection of quad-SPI flash ROM (serial type), which uses fewer connection pins, as external flash memory supporting direct data access. This substantially reduces the number of pins required for connection, while maintaining access speeds equivalent to conventional parallel NOR flash.

The new bus controller allows programs stored in external quad-SPI flash ROM (with six connection signal lines) to be executed directly, without the need to first transfer them to on-chip SRAM. Access speeds equivalent to conventional parallel NOR flash ROM (with 32 MB, 16-bit bus and 43 connection lines) are achieved through the use of a read cache, enabling the number of pins used to be reduced substantially.

On-chip functions optimized for system control and data processing enable the lowest pin count (SH726A: 120-pins) in the entire SH7260 Series. The SH726A is also available in a version with a package size of 14 × 14 mm and 0.4 mm pin pitch, helping to reduce the board mounting area and overall cost of the system.

The maximum CPU operating frequency of the SH726A and SH726B MCUs is 216 MHz, which is 1.5 times that of the existing SH7266 MCUs and the industry's highest level for audio products. It enables the implementation of operations such as digital audio signal processing at high speed. This makes the MCUs suitable for use in products subject to a heavy processing load for sound stage processing, noise cancellation (echo cancelling/noise suppression) for hands-free calls over Bluetooth, in addition to audio playback (decoding of compressed audio).

The SH726B MCUs also implement two USB (Full-Speed) channels on-chip, providing support for the connection of multiple USB devices of various types, including portable audio players and USB storage.

The SH7260 series supports the middleware for digital audio such as data decoder middleware for MP3, WMA, and AAC; device middleware for USB and SD, and ISO 9660 file system middleware for CD-ROM applications, and FAT file system middleware for USB/SD memory.

Software development kits (SDKs) incorporating these drivers and middleware for digital audio applications are also available to further reduce the time and resources required for system development.

The SH726A and SH726B MCUs will be available in a total of six product versions, depending on the presence or absence of an on-chip CAN interface. There will be four versions for the SH726A and two for the SH726B. Each of these is additionally available either for industrial or automobile accessory applications, for a total of 12 product numbers.

The operating temperature range of all versions is –40 to +85°C. The SH726A is available in a 120-pin QFP (0.5 mm or 0.4 mm pin pitch) and the SH726B in a 144-pin QFP (0.5 mm pin pitch) lead-free package.

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