Supervisor boasts two-in-one architecture -

Supervisor boasts two-in-one architecture

Micrel's MIC2772 is a two-in-one voltage supervisor that provides under-voltage monitoring and power-on reset generation in a 2- by 2-mm MLF package. The chip, which can replace single discrete voltage supervisors, is suited for systems where space is limited and multiple supplies must be monitored. This includes servers, embedded controllers, telecommunications systems, power supply sequencing, hot-swapping, and power supplies.

The MIC2772 features two independent voltage supervisors, each offering an under-voltage detector, a delay-generator, and a de-bounced manual reset input. The reset output is asserted at power-on and any time the input voltage drops below the reference voltage. It remains asserted for the chosen timeout period after the input rises back above the threshold. Reset timeouts of 20, 140, and 1100 ms (minimum) are available. The MIC2772 is available in volume quantities with pricing starting at $0.52 for lots of 1000. More information is available at

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