Surface-mount module packs complete 900-MHz FHSS transceiver -

Surface-mount module packs complete 900-MHz FHSS transceiver


Xecom's XE900SX10 miniature surface-mount, 900-MHz transceiver offers an easy way to add wireless communications to any OEM system, with the performance needed in machine-to-machine applications. The frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum (FHSS) transceiver integrates a transmitter, receiver, filters, and shielding. An available on-board LTCC chip-antenna eliminates the cost and placement issues of an external antenna. All link control and frequency-hopping code is embedded in the transceivers' communications controller. FCC Part 15 modular certification eliminates the certification process for OEMs.

The OEM system controls all XE900SX10 functions by issuing simple, modem-like AT commands to the XE900SX10 communications controller. This includes link initiation, network addressing, power management, and special networking functions.

The XE900SX10 is packaged as a compact, leadless module. Hence, OEMs can add wireless communications without introducing a through-hole assembly process. Small size (1.3 by 0.9 by 0.12 in.) and the available on-board antenna maximize flexibility in transceiver placement. Battery powered applications including automated meter reading, access security, and medical monitoring are possible due to the board's power-management options and 150-ft. range through obstructions.

Samples are available now. Pricing for the XE900SX10 is $25.90 in 5000-unit quantities. Without the on-board chip antenna, it sells for $23.90 in similar quantities. More information is available at

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