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Swedish power meters come to U.K.

LONDON — PRI have become the exclusive U.K. distributors for Cewe Instrument products.

Based in Nyköping, Sweden, Cewe Instrument are a premier electricity metering company supplying code of practice compliant high accuracy meters for use in the grid and distribution sector. PRI (Winchester, U.K.) are suppliers of energy metering products and solutions.

Included in the Cewe Instrument product range available through PRI are analogue power measurement instrumentation for generator and switchgear manufacturers, voltage and current transducers plus the high accuracy code of practice compliant CewePrometer, which also provides power quality measurement, including harmonics. CeweCetrics software for data collection and billing will also be available from PRI.

Cewe Instrument products complement PRI's existing range of OFGEM approved utility, tenant billing and payment solutions. PRI also offers its range of multifunction digital panel meters for energy management projects. PRI provides energy and billing solutions that include automatic meter reading systems (AMR), communications options and energy management software, bureau services as well as financial solutions for project funding.

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