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Switch mainframes boost system throughput

The six-slot model 707B and single-slot model 708B switch matrix mainframes from Keithley Instruments, Inc. are optimized for semiconductor test applications in both lab and production environments.

Higher command-to-connect speeds enable these switch mainframes to make faster test sequences and improve overall system throughput.  

These mainframes support Keithley’s model 7174A 'Air Matrix' 8×12 high-speed, low-leakage matrix card, the first standard switch capable of achieving less than 100fA of offset current on all pathways. They also support three other Keithley matrix cards.

The mainframes are suitable for semiconductor test system configurations that include Keithley’s Series 2600A System SourceMeter instruments, the Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System, and fully automated testers such as the S500 ACS Integrated Test Systems and S530 Semiconductor Parametric Test Systems.

The 707B and 708B have a digital control platform supports dramatically faster command-to-connect speeds for higher test throughput. Even when using the GPIB communications mode, the model 707B can improve throughput by as much as 40 percent without changing any code.

The updated front panel interface simplifies tasks like configuration management and switch pattern programming. The front panel also displays programmable row and column names, crosspoint status (open, closed), and status messages. The mainframes can also store hundreds of switching configurations and channel patterns in non-volatile memory and recall them for later use.

An embedded Test Script Processor (TSP) expands the family of Keithley TSP-based instruments, which also includes series 2600A System SourceMeter instruments. TSP allows test scripts to be executed within the instrument itself, dramatically improving the speed of connect-source-measure sequences.

TSP-Link is a high speed system expansion and coordination interface that simplifies linking instruments and switches for faster inter-unit communication and control. It provides a high speed, low latency interface to other TSP-based hardware, simplifying system scaling as new requirements evolve.

Control options and interfaces in the models 707B and 708B include GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus) with both modern SCPI/ICL and traditional DDC commands. Both mainframes can be incorporated into existing test systems like the model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer or S500 ACS Integrated Test Systems without the need for new drivers or software revisions.

The instruments are compliant with the LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) standard and have a built-in Web page for remote control.

The models 707B and 708B also support programming and control via a USB bus.

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