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Switches extend broadband amplifier system


Integrated RF output switches and sample port switches added to the Rohde & Schwarz BBA100 broadband amplifier family allow the amplifiers to be used for many applications without the need for external switching matrices.

The modular design allows users to combine a number of functions into a compact EMC broadband amplifier system that is perfectly tailored to their requirements. Existing third-party amplifiers can also be integrated into the R&S BBA100 system. The R&S BBA100 is suitable for EMC applications in test houses as well as in the electronics and automobile industry.

The RF switches for the R&S BBA100 enable users to put together even more compact amplifier systems – without switching matrices or separate system controllers. The  BBA100 performs the functions of these external instruments and now offers RF output switches and an RF sample switch in addition to an RF input switch.

The RF output switches can be used to apply the RF signal to various loads, such as clamps or antennas. The switches are available in 2:1 (two inputs, one output) and 1:2 (one input, two outputs) versions and can be cascaded as required. Switching takes place automatically when the RF path is selected.

The sample port switch was designed for systems with multiple frequency bands. When a frequency band is selected, the sample port switch automatically applies the right sample signal  (forward and reflected power) to the sample ports. This makes it much easier to connect other T&M instruments such as power meters and spectrum analyzers since the user no longer has to disconnect and reconnect measuring equipment when the frequency band is changed.

It is now also possible to integrate up to two additional third-party amplifiers. The system controller of the R&S BBA100 ensures consistent operation throughout the entire system. This allows the user to extend an existing amplifier system step by step and still use existing amplifiers.

For remote control, the amplifier system now offers a USB port as well as GPIB, Ethernet and optical Ethernet. As a result, the user has a multitude of ways to integrate the R&S BBA100 into various network topologies.

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