Symmetricom adds IEEE 1588 Grandmaster Clock for deterministic Ethernet -

Symmetricom adds IEEE 1588 Grandmaster Clock for deterministic Ethernet

ESC Boston, Ma. – Symmetricom has just introduced its XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster, a GPS referenced grandmaster clock and IEEE 1588 measurement and validation tool supporting Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Version 2.

Delivering ultra-precise time and frequency synchronization over Ethernet networks, the XLi IEEE 1588 Grandmaster contains a dedicated 1588 time stamp processor and functions as an IEEE 1588 slave with the ability to measure PTP client performance by assessing time transfer accuracy across a network.

According to Ron Holm, product marketing manager at Symmetricom, it operates at 100 Base-T line speed with deep time stamp packet buffers, and supports over fifty slave delay requests per second.

Ideal for measurement purposes, the grandmaster also operates as a 1588 slave, extremely useful for network time transfer accuracy measurement involving a 1588 slave separated from the XLi Grandmaster by network elements or topology.

The XLi Grandmaster can be configured with two 1588 ports, operating as two independently configured grandmasters or as a grandmaster and slave. Optional Symmetricom TimeMonitor software collects and analyzes time interval data from the XLi Grandmaster.

The XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster will be available in December 2009. To learn more, go to www.symmetricom

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