Symmetricom and Wintegra deliver high-performance sync solutions for IEEE 1588 -

Symmetricom and Wintegra deliver high-performance sync solutions for IEEE 1588


Symmetricom, Inc, has partnered with Wintegra to deliver a cost-effective, high-performance, versatile and power-efficient reference design for customers requiring IEEE 1588 (Precision Time Protocol) compliant products. The reference design combines Symmetricom’s SCi 2000 Embedded Software Clock with Wintegra’s WinPath3 platform. This combination enables macro, micro and pico base station customers and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to implement IEEE 1588 in wireless base stations and other network elements in an affordable, portable manner without the need for dedicated silicon.

The SCi 2000 Embedded Software Clock consists of a powerful algorithm suite built on industry-leading IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) client technology that is designed to suit the needs of the telecom network infrastructure. This algorithm suite has specialized filtering and servo algorithms that solve a wide range of application challenges, such as non-uniform network traffic loads and heterogeneous network elements. The SCi 2000 Embedded Software Clock will be integrated into network elements such as base stations, picocells, cell site routers, aggregation devices, NIDs, routers and switches. For more information, visit

Wintegra’s WinPath3 platform is comprised of the WinPath3 family and WinPath3-Super Light family. Both WinPath3 and WinPath3 Super Light network processors provide all the hardware and driver support required for IEEE 1588-2008 including MAC timestamping, on-the-fly timestamp insertion, clock synthesizers and 1PPS generation. IEEE 1588 support is available on all Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Wintegra also provides WinPath3 and WinPath3-Super Light development boards where the Symmetricom SCi 2000 software has been verified and passed all G.8261 test cases. For more information on Wintegra, visit

The SCi 2000 Embedded Software Clock on the WinPath3 platform is now available. For more information on this solution, contact

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