Synaptics' Scrybe adds a host of new features to systems containing touchpads -

Synaptics’ Scrybe adds a host of new features to systems containing touchpads


Synaptics recently announced beta availability for Scrybe gesture workflows, the company's interface technology for systems containing a touchpad. Scrybe leverages finger movements to create fluid gesture shortcuts intended to boost productivity and efficiency. It does this by getting more work done with fewer steps.

Scrybe is part of the Synaptics Gesture Suite (SGS) 9.4. It lets PC OEMs and end users personalize gestures to link task-oriented workflows for Internet, media, entertainment, and productivity applications. It also introduces customizable gesture symbols for communicating with a PC that enable users to perform complex tasks using just the touchpad. For example, selecting a word or phrase by double-tapping and then tracing the “?” symbol can automatically launch the browser and perform an immediate search for the selected word or phrase. Personalized gestures can be used to run presentations or enjoy digital media, provide controls for play, pause, previous, and next commands and to advance through music lists, photos, and more.

Scrybe is optimized for multi-touch touchpads, but also supports existing single-touch units. Synaptics is currently offering a beta version of SGS 9.4 with Scrybe via software download to end users with existing notebooks that utilize a Synaptics touchpad. More details are available at

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