Synching up LTE with Softclock SCI2000 -

Synching up LTE with Softclock SCI2000

San Jose, Ca. – Now available from Symmetricom is what it claims is the industry’s first software-based multi-synch software algorithm for helping LTE small cells, macro bases stations and backhaul infrastructure synchronize more efficiently.

The SoftClock SCi 2000 rel. 2.0 is a carrier-grade embedded multiple-input software clock solution designed to deliver high precision frequency and phase synchronization required by the evolving IP-based LTE infrastructure.

The SCi 2000 rel. 2.0 SoftClock supports the challenging LTE-TDD requirements of frequency (50 ppb at air interface) and phase (+/- 1.5 microseconds) and handles multiple sync standards including PTP 1588, SyncE, GPS, UTI and E1/T1.

It also allows systems to select from multiple sync inputs and provide the best possible clock output and a BesTime precise time reference management algorithm takes multiple inputs and disciplines local oscillators to generate a highly accurate clock output.

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