Synopsys brings Virtualizer to ARMv8 processors -

Synopsys brings Virtualizer to ARMv8 processors


EDA and IP specialist Synopsys Inc.expects to have an extension of its Virtualizer hardware/software development tools ready for ARM-processor based systems ready by April.

The Virtualizer development kit (VDK) for ARMv8 processors is designed to allow software teams to start development of software for ARMv8-based SoC designs up to 12 months prior to board availability, accelerating operating system bring-up as well as firmware, device driver and middleware development.

The new VDK family follows the VDK Family for ARMv7 processors, which Synopsys announced last year. Unlike the 32-bit ARMv7, the ARMv8 uses a power-optimized 64-bit instruction set and execution state – called AArch64 – targeted at future generations of mobile, consumer, networking and enterprise SoCs.

Synopsys VDKs will incorporate support for AArch64, offering visibility and controllability to accelerate the development and debug of software running on ARMv8 architecture compliant processors.

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