SYSGO and Kontron expand cooperation -

SYSGO and Kontron expand cooperation


LONDON — SYSGO and Kontron Embedded Modules are strengthening their cooperation, which began in 2004.

Developers for device manufacturers of all kinds are now able to program applications for Kontron's computer-on-modules DIMM-PC/lite with STPC-ELITE processors and ETX-P3T with Intel Celeron processors between 400MHz and 1GHz, using the ELinOS 3.1 Linux development environment, without needing detailed knowledge of the internal connections of the target systems.

This expansion extends the range of boards supported by ELinOS. Up to now, these have included the modules ETX-P3M, ETX-VE, ETX-MGX and X-board<861>. Development bundles can be ordered directly from the SYSGOs webshop.

SYSGO says its visibility in the embedded world has already increased as a result of last year's deal and it is now expanding the support to include all relevant modules and boards from Kontron.

ELinOS is an integrated development environment designed for programming Linux-based embedded solutions. It covers all phases, from the development of the specific drivers to the realization of the complete application software. Its toolkit includes compiler, linker and debugger. When software development begins, a supported board i selected and, at the same time, the basic configuration correctly determined, which consequently need not be programmed manually.

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