SYSGO brings Linux expertise to ZODIAC data loggers -

SYSGO brings Linux expertise to ZODIAC data loggers


SYSGO and ZODIAC Data Systems GmbH (formerly known as HEIM Systems GmbH), a developer of data recorders for the construction of aircraft prototypes,  have been cooperating and the joint development activities have produced the HEIM DATaRec.

ZODIAC Data Systems GmbH  data recorders are connected to a number of data sources and busses such as Ethernet, CAN, ARINC429, sensors, and digital data streams.

This can typically lead to very high data rates, special mass storage devices with very high capacities (as for example complete SCSI-Arrays) were available in the past.

ZDG made the decision to skip that concept and searched for intelligent mass storage devices that are able to pre-convert data before saving them. As such a storage system wasn't available at this time, ZDG decided to take over the development with the assistance of external experts.

After SYSGO and ZDG agreed on their collaboration, they planned and developed an intelligent mass storage device – an embedded system that is able to make an adjustable preprocessing and data reduction, and that saves the data on a mass storage device.

The use of embedded Linux within the control module helped to manage the data manipulation in real-time. Using an OS had further advantages: scalable systems could be developed and measurement system integration could be provided. This enabled an extension to more data sources with a higher band width.

The two companies developed a SCSI version followed by a fire wire, USB, SAS (serial attached SCSI) and SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) versions of the data logger. As a result cheaper and more flexible devices could be provided.

SYSGO provided, adapted and hardened the embedded Linux OS as well as the development of special driver and interfaces for data channels and storage media.  

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