SYSGO: PikeOS certified according to Common Criteria EAL3+ world-wide -

SYSGO: PikeOS certified according to Common Criteria EAL3+ world-wide


SYSGO's PikeOS hypervisor has been certified according to Common Criteria EAL 3+. The subject of certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is the separation kernel in PikeOS, which ensures a strict separation of applications running on the same hardware through spatial and temporal partitioning. Such a separation is required above all in security-critical systems and is generally mandatory for the certification of the overall system. The certification by the BSI was carried out for the PikeOS Separation Kernel Version 4.2.2 (build number s5400) for the platforms X86_64, ARMv7 and ARMv8.

PikeOS is thereby currently the only real-time operating system worldwide that holds a Common Criteria certification for its separation performance. In addition, PikeOS is also certified for various safety standards, making it particularly suitable for applications that have both safety and security requirements, particulary in the aerospace, automotive and railway industries as well as in industrial or medical systems. PikeOS also supports the simultaneous operation of applications of different criticality and the combination of real-time applications with less time-critical applications.

For developers of critical systems, certification not only means secure and effective separation of applications, but also a faster and more cost-effective certification of their entire system, as the operating system itself no longer needs to be considered in this process.

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