SYSGO provides FreeToolbox for ELinOS -

SYSGO provides FreeToolbox for ELinOS


LONDON — SYSGO has made available for download the FreeToolbox version of the ELinOS embedded Linux development environment.

The SYSGO (Mainz, Germany) FreeToolbox is a ELinOS project development environment with command line tools is suitable for use in developingembedded systems under Linux.

Working with the FreeToolbox the target file system is build automatically and can be added directly to the boot image. Project related file management and CVS allow reproductable development solutions making Linux successful for embedded systems. Existing applucation software can be integrated into the new system.

The FreeToolbox is based upon Linux kernel versions 2.4.25 and 2.6.9. It includes a Cross Development Kit, supports several boot strategies and provides precompiled binaries and a demo program.

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