Syslogic: EN50155 certified embedded systems for the railway industry -

Syslogic: EN50155 certified embedded systems for the railway industry


Syslogic will showcase its portfolio of EN50155 certified railway computers at InnoTrans. The robust railway computers are used in rolling stock applications as well as for tunnel and route monitoring. Common to all railway computers is their durability, robustness and long-lasting availability.

Syslogic offers a complete range of industrial computers and HMI systems specifically designed and manufactured for railway applications. Common to all rolling stock computers is the approval to use them at temperatures ranging from -40 to + 85 °C at the component level. Thus, the railway computers meet standard EN50155, class TX. In addition, the railway computers include impressive features such as a power failure bypass up to 10 milliseconds (EN50155, class S2) and wide range inputs for DC voltage between 16.8 and 154 volts.

Thanks to its GPS and LTE, GSM and UMTS functions, the railway computers can also be used as an IoT gateway. The connection to typical railway BUS systems, such as real-time Ethernet, TCN, WTB, ProfiNET or MVB, occurs via optional expansion cards, which are easy to integrate. The railway computers feature dead reckoning navigation and a motion sensor. To prevent potential hacker attacks on the hardware side, the devices can be equipped with a Trusted Platform Module.

Besides traditional in-vehicle computers, Syslogic also offers with the Compact M series Box PCs for off-train applications. The fanless Box Pcs come with E3825 or E3845 processors from Intel Atom (Bay Trail), which makes them perfectly suitable for continuous operation (24/7). They are frequently used for traffic or tunnel monitoring and to report track availability.

The embedded PCs boast a particularly sturdy build and a unique interface pinout. The devices include CAN, USB, RS232 and RS485 interfaces. They can also be equipped with up to five ethernet interfaces. Upon request, Syslogic can integrate EtherCAT master stacks into the Linux operating system. This allows customers to use the Compact M industrial computer directly as an EtherCAT controller.

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