System basis chips integrated CAN, power -

System basis chips integrated CAN, power

Lite and Mid-Range+ System Basis Chips (SBCs) from Infineon enable CAN bus communications at 5 Mbps for large automotive applications. An SBC is the central supply of power and communication for microcontrollers within electronic control units (ECUs) in cars. The ICs combine voltage supplies, CAN and LIN communication bus interfaces, and supervisory functions. Integrating these three elements into a single chip not only lowers system costs, but also reduces design footprint by up to 80% compared to discrete solutions.

Lite SBCs are entry-level devices incorporating one CAN transceiver to address a broad range of vehicle applications, such as in-cabin wireless charging and light control units. Mid-Range+ SBCs are more powerful devices packing one CAN and up to two LIN transceivers to support body control modules and gateway modules. With their optional partial networking feature, the SBCs can reduce current consumption by putting the ECU in a sleep or stop mode when it is not needed.

Lite SBCs employ a charge pump to drive high-side N-channel power MOSFETs, while Mid-Range+ parts include four high-side switches for driving external loads. All of the SBCs provide diagnostic and supervisory features to support ECU functional safety like undervoltage monitoring, window watchdog with reset, fail-safe operating mode, and fail-safe output.

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