SystemC synthesis tool moves to version 2.0 -

SystemC synthesis tool moves to version 2.0


LONDON — Version 2.0 of the award-winning SystemCrafter SC SystemC package has been developed to make it easier to manage and develop SystemC projects, and also simpler for new users to get started with SystemC synthesis.

The tool has been developed by SystemCrafter (Ipswich, England) and is supported by FPGA-based platforms from Orange Tree Technologies (Didcot, England).

SystemCrafter SC automatically synthesises hardware designs written in SystemC to VHDL. The VHDL can then be used with commonly available tools to target Xilinx FPGAs. This enables engineers and programmers to design, debug and simulate hardware and systems using their existing C++ development environment.

A new GUI has the look and feel of standard software compiler GUI's that will be familiar to both hardware and software engineers. The intuitive design flow enables automatic integration with the user's C compiler for simulation and handles the management of all a project's files. Build options are stored and the tool automatically selects the correct input files for system simulation, gate-level simulation and VHDL generation.

SystemCrafter have invested heavily in the engineering development of SystemCrafter SC, but keep sales and marketing costs very low by selling it exclusively through their website. The package can be purchased direct from the web and a free evaluation version of SystemCrafter SC can be downloaded and used for 30 days.

If SystemCrafter SC installed and an FPGA development board plugged into the computer it is possible to go from an empty C++ project to working hardware prototype in hours. SystemCrafter SC is available with the ZestSC1 FPGA development board developed by Orange Tree Technologies. This board has a High Speed 480Mbits/sec USB interface. The FPGA is the Xilinx Spartan-3 with up to one million logic gates, and there is also up to 8Mbytes of SRAM. The board is provided with full software support for Windows and Linux, together with example logic cores for all the FPGA interfaces for use with SystemCrafter SC.

Orange Tree Technologies provides FPGA-based platforms which can be used in a variety of systems to deliver extreme data processing performance. Orange Tree also manages the sales and marketing for SystemCrafter. Target markets include military, aerospace, telecommunications, imaging and machine vision, industrial control, and education.

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