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T-Mobile and Wyless collaborate on M2M implementation


LONDON — T-Mobile has extended its relationship with machine to machine (M2M) connectivity specialist, Wyless, to provide customers a managed service using the global GPRS footprint.

The T-Mobile and Wyless solution means that machines can communicate over a GPRS network as if they were connected to the same secure computer network. The solution creates a connected community of machines and people.

Simon Ainslie, T-Mobile's Director of Sales, said, “Our agreement with Wyless is a key element of our ongoing M2M strategy. It is another step towards providing customers simple, seamless access to data remotely.”

The close collaboration between the two companies allows Wyless to provide managed solutions to customers for M2M applications through its patent pending Peer to Peer technology where fixed IP (permanent IP addressing), real-time device management, security and audit trail are required.

This uses the fixed IP capability using T-Mobile's footprint of GPRS and SMS coverage worldwide with 150 GPRS networks covering more than 70 countries and over 350 networks in over 160 countries in which to use SMS.

Applications of the technology include enabling mobile point of sale (POS) terminals to support real-time transactions, instant tariff changes or credit control within utility meters, instant status reporting for event-driven processes, and diagnostic and CRM feeds from remote devices such as car management systems. I will also enable information display changes based on live events such as traffic updates, as well as 'Geofencing' and tracking of assets or vehicles including parcel or trailer location.

Wyless says a recent analyst report suggests that it is set to gain a 4% share of the total EU M2M marketplace by 2009 whiles IBM, which has approved Wyless as a provider of advanced connectivity for large scale IBM customers in key vertical sectors.

Andy Stanford-Clark, Master Inventor IBM, said, “We are impressed with the advantages that fixed IP, direct SIM management and full roaming facilitate in building effective large scale applications in sectors such as tracking, automatic metering, remote vending and asset management/supply chain improvement.”

Verifone, a global leader in secure electronic payment technologies has recently introduced mobile electronic point of sale (EPOS) credit card swipe machines with the connectivity provided by Wyless. Early deployments have shown a swipe to transaction approval time of less than five seconds – even faster than fixed line equivalents.

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