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Taiwanese design house expands tool license

Analog/mixed-signal design house, Advanced Analog Technology Inc. (Hsinchu, Taiwan), has expanded its relationship with Silvaco (Santa Clara, Calif.) and the adoption of a company worldwide unlimited license for Gateway, SmartSpice, and Verilog-A.

“Silvaco's unlimited license is a key factor in reducing our design cycle and increasing our design productivity,” said Eric Huang, Vice President of AAT.

Silvaco's company worldwide unlimited license is provides the solution to the problem of limited license availability.

SmartSpice has the performance and accuracy required to design complex high precision analog circuits, analog mixed-signal circuits, analyze critical nets, and characterize cell libraries. It is compatible with popular analog design flows and foundry-supplied device models.

Gateway schematic editor provides an intuitive front end environment for capturing designs and performing simulations in both analog, mixed signal and digital domains.

The Verilog-A language, compiled or interpreted, when combined with SmartSpice provides circuit designers and model developers with a comprehensive environment for the design and verification of complex analog and mixed-signal circuits and models.

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