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Taking the podium


DESIGN West is the Embedded Systems Conference on steroids.

It's perhaps apt that as the country of my birth prepares to host the second most important event in world sports the Summer Olympics (the World Cup is the first in my book!) that the baton as curator of this august publication has passed to me.

You might have seen my name in the past on the masthead (left) as over the last decade or so I was for some time the European contributing editor in parallel with my role editing the European version of this magazine. I have more recently been the editor of the Microcontroller Designline and Content Director of last autumn's ARM TechCon, both produced by UBM Electronics, the publishers of Embedded Systems Design (ESD) magazine.

As well as my involvement with this magazine, I'm also taking a more active role in its associated website Embedded.com and taking on the exciting challenge of Director of Content for DESIGN West–the event in a few weeks time that includes the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in San Jose.

The above short video describes the DESIGN West conference. As well as the established but continuously-evolving ESC, which this year has an Android Certification track, DESIGN West will include:

  • An Android Summit: A new conference on “everything Android” from embedded systems design to applications development.
  • Black Hat: The iconic technical security conference produced in partnership with UBM TechWeb will focus on security in embedded systems.
  • Sensors in Design: A new conference and expo with how-to technical presentations on the application of sensor technology in real-world products.
  • Designing with LEDs: A conference and expo focused on technology design of high-brightness LEDs in lighting and illumination.
  • DesignMED: A conference and expo covering medical electronics design and regulatory issues.
  • MultiCore DevCon: A conference and expo delivering practical solutions for designs involving embedded multicore and multimedia, formerly known as MultiCore Expo.

All this is supported by a new concept in event websites that is designed to provide a continuing educational experience and community resource year-round. The website provides intelligent, personalized content in real-time, including white papers, webinars, videos, special offers, and collateral. The intelligent-content functionality not only delivers targeted subject matter but also dynamically monitors users' reaction and engagement patterns to recommend additional, meaningful content. The application is platform agnostic and available to work on tablet and desktop devices.

I'm running out of space. While I'd like to drill down into some of the ESC content, I can only just squeeze in a mention of the keynotes: J. B. Straubel, CTO and part of the founding team at Tesla Motors Inc. and the incredible musician and technical innovator, Thomas Dolby.

Don't worry–much more detail and registration is available at www.ubmdesign.com and I'll be regularly covering the exciting aspects of the conference on my blog Double Dutch.

Colin Holland is the editorial director of Embedded.com, Embedded Systems Design magazine, and the Embedded Systems Conference and Design West. You may reach him at .

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