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Tao’s Intent used in LocationFree TV from Sony


READING, England — Tao Group's Intent technologies is being used in a new wave of consumer electronics devices, such as Sony's Location Free TVs (LF-X1 and LF-X5).

Satoru Maeda, senior general manager of the LFX Division of Sony, said “Tao's intent Java and Graphics contributed to our development of high speed network connectivity of the Location Free TV which allows users to enjoy television, video, internet, e-mail without a PC anywhere across the world.”

The combination of Tao's Intent Java product with the graphics capabilities of the Intent Visual Environment provides consumer electronics products with a robust technology backbone.

Francis Charig, chairman of Tao Group, said, “Intent's unique ability to address the CE community with the same proven technology it addresses mobile devices allows manufacturers, operators and broadcasters to build a cross-device strategy, delivering better services at reduced cost.”

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