TargetLink 1.3 supports MATLAB Release 12.1 -

TargetLink 1.3 supports MATLAB Release 12.1

dSPACE has released a version of its TargetLink automatic code generation software, which is now compatible with MATLAB Release 12.1. It now includes the added blocks from the MATLAB block library, such as flip-flop blocks, control flow blocks, the assignment block, look-up table blocks and the discrete-time integrator block.

In addition to the block library, TargetLink now supports features added in MATLAB Release 12.1, including the semantic changes for edge-triggered and function-call triggered subsystems (latching semantics and data store semantics). It remains compatible with previous versions up to MATLAB Release 11.

TargetLink 1.3 generates C code with improved efficiency and readability and tools for faster implemention of C code in an OSEK-compliant operating system are in development.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) February 2002

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