TargetLink 2.0 designed to cut ECU development time -

TargetLink 2.0 designed to cut ECU development time


dSPACE's TargetLink Version 2.0 of the ECU production code generator offers process integration, data management, and sharing between large workgroups necessary in mass production programs.

New TargetLink features are intended to boost efficiency and cut ECU development times, according to the company. These features include the generation of code for OSEK/VDX-compliant real-time operating systems from MATLAB Simulink, the dSPACE Data Dictionary for model-independent data management, and a tool for automatic scaling of models by the worst-case method.

TargetLink can be integrated into existing development environments. Models can be exchanged between all development departments, such as the production software and rapid controls prototyping teams, without model conversion. Other TargetLink 2.0 features include incremental code generation, which allows code generation for a specific subsystem in which a modification has been made. Code coverage analysis is only a mouse-click away without any other tool required.

Support of OSEK/VDX-compliant operating systems addresses integration of the generated function code and the rest of the ECU environment. OSEK operating system objects and services can be specified on block diagram level, and TargetLink generates all the code.

The dSPACE Data Dictionary is a central data container that holds all of the information relevant to code generation, independent of model partitioning. In conjunction with TargetLink 2.0, it simplifies data storage for complex ECU development and supports teamwork in project groups.

Worst-case autoscaling is designed to shorten the time developers need for fixed-point scaling. Plant models and stimulus signals are no longer required and the developer can specify value ranges and data types at model boundaries. TargetLink then propagates these through the model, after which scaling is performed by the worst-case method.

The blockset in TargetLink 2.0 can be installed and used on any computer that has MATLAB/Simulink installed. Models can be easily exchanged without the need for extra TargetLink licenses, allowing TargetLink to be used cost-efficiently by several developers at once.

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