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Tasking in Ada


The elevator problem has been explored before and provides a fruitful application for exploring some of the more interesting problems with Ada tasking using the MJL-SID-1983 Ada Standard. Previous treatments of this subject often ignore or simplify the issue of hardware interrupt management, but interrupt management is an essential part of successful implementation of the application. One of the key problems for discussion in this workshop will center on the issue of how to get around the restriction that interrupt handler representation clauses can only appear in anonymous tasks.This workshop will also include a discussion of interrupt control alternatives for decoupling interrupts from other components of the elevator application. Since there is no single “correct” solution to this problem, several models for a solution will be included, and workshop participants will be encouraged to contribute their ideas regarding the benefits and liabilities of the suggested models, and other models that occur to them during the workshop.

ESC_1992_Vol1_Page71_Bryan & Riehle – Tasking in Ada.pdf

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