TCP/IP stack implements virtual routing -

TCP/IP stack implements virtual routing


The IPNET TCP/IP stack for IPv4 and IPv6 offers scalable virtual routing for more efficient use of existing hardware and software capability, according to the company.

A router is ordinarily required for each network or organization making use of the Internet. To save resources, virtual routing was created through the multiplication of TCP/IP stacks and the concurrent running of these stacks. IPNET enables virtual routing through the multiplication of routing tables only, a method that purportedly consumes less memory to implement.

As a dual IPv4/IPv6 router, IPNET includes multicast routing, virtual routing, routing sockets, netlink sockets, hardware cipher support, IPSec, NAT, Firewall, IKE support, and PPPoE. IPNET is fully compliant with IETF standards and is fully portable, written and delivered in ANSI-C. IPNET is designed for portability and can be used with any real-time operating system.

Interpeak Inc.
Leesburg, VA

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