TDK showcases its product highlights for embedded technologies -

TDK showcases its product highlights for embedded technologies

TDK shows its latest product innovations for many kinds of embedded technologies at embedded world 2019. Its group companies TDK-Micronas, TDK-Lambda, TDK Europe, and InvenSense present magnetic sensors and embedded motor control solutions as well as power supply solutions and components for Internet-of-Things applications.

The HVC 4420F by TDK-Micronas enables the direct drive of small brush-type, stepper, or brushless electric motors in smart actuators. With flash memory extended to 64 KB and SRAM to 4 KB, the HVC 4420F meets increased functional and diagnostic demands. Currently, OEMs use own ideas and approaches on diagnostics, e.g. for sensor data fusion strategy or actuator status surveillance. To ensure the required data analysis, software routines have to be implemented. Due to its larger memory and the built-in diagnostic feature set, the HVC 4420F offers the storage capacity and processing capability to execute these actions which are unique in the environment of smart actuators. Furthermore, TDK-Micronas will show its extensive portfolio of magnetic field sensor solutions, based on the so-called Hall effect, for Automotive and Industrial applications.

Utilizing DSP technology, TDK-Lambda Genesys+ series of high power density programmable DC power supplies provide improved efficiency, performance and functionality compared to existing products. The Genesys+ series addresses a very broad market, including component, aerospace and automotive testing, semiconductor fabrication, water treatment, plating and solar array simulation. Housed in a 1 U high, 19” (483 mm) wide rack package, the 5 kW model offers the leading power density and, at less than 7.5 kg, lightest weight in the industry.

In addition, TDK-Lambda will present its 600W GXE600 series rated AC-DC power supplies. In a 1U high package, these convection-cooled products have the ability to be digitally programmed across a wide range. The GXE600 series can be operated as a 24 V or 48 V fixed output supply, or programmed to be provide constant voltage, constant current (CVCC) source.

TDK Europe will give an overview of its product range of TDK and EPCOS components for Internet-of-Things applications. This will include RF components, Multilayer and Thin-film inductors, ceramic capacitors, SESUB modules, piezo actuators with haptic feedback and wireless charging coils. One of the highlights is a live demonstration of CeraCharge, the world’s first solid-state SMD rechargeable battery. This new technology combines a relatively high energy density and smallest volume with the safety and high volume manufacturing benefits of ceramic multilayer components. CeraCharge can be used in a wide range of applications – particularly in IoT devices and systems.

InvenSense’s solutions combine MEMS sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, microphones, and ultrasonic 3D-sensing with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize, and calibrate the output of sensors, maximizing performance and accuracy. At embedded world, InvenSense will showcase capacitive pressure sensor solutions, analog and digital MEMS microphone solutions, new digital ultrasound transceiver, showcasing 6-DoF controller tracking system, and InvenSense UltraPrint an ultrasound fingerprint touch sensor solution for mobile and IoT products.

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