TDM/IP edge processors get expanded capacity capabilities -

TDM/IP edge processors get expanded capacity capabilities


System integrators looking to bridge the TDM and IP markets can take advantage of the IPnexus CPC308 TDM/IP edge processor. Designed by Performance Technologies, the CPC308 is a network-optimized access controller, suited for both PSTN and IP telephony applications. It offers TDM/IP bridging capability by incorporating an H.110 switch for routing TDM traffic, framers for external connections to the TDM world, and an on-board Ethernet gigabit switch for connecting all major components. The switch also provides Ethernet connections to either a PICMG 2.16 backplane or external IP network.

Featuring eight fully programmable T1/E1/J1 interfaces, the CPC308 suits lower density voice, data, signaling and monitoring applications, all within the one architecture. The part is also optimized to handle voice circuits for protocol processing or for transfers between the H.110 bus, PCI bus, Ethernet, or the onboard PTMC sites. Application examples include wireless infrastructure equipment, media and signaling gateways, IP media equipment, telecom switching/routing equipment, and SS7 network elements. Available immediately, pricing for the CPC308 starts at $5795. For more information, visit

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